Lampiran Hidraulik Forklift Beban Penstabil

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Lampiran Hidraulik Forklift Beban Penstabil

Komponen penting dalam aplikasi dan konfigurasi produk

1, sistem hidraulik: pengedaran dengan injap kawalan tekanan laras boleh menyesuaikan diri seperti yang diperlukan; bahagian meterai adalah produk yang diimport; hos tekanan tinggi dengan meterai kon, hos import berprestasi tinggi.
2, bahagian struktur: komponen utama kekuatan tinggi keluli, dengan rintangan yang baik untuk ubah bentuk, bentuk yang direka, mudah dan murah hati.
3, prestasi mekanikal: melalui pelarasan silinder ke ketinggian yang berbeza mengikut pelarasan terbuka / penjepit barang, penglihatan yang baik; Tambah kumpulan boleh memenuhi keperluan asfalt.
4 Permohonan: digunakan secara meluas dalam sektor makanan, minuman, import dan eksport, terutamanya digunakan untuk menstabilkan dulang kargo, untuk mengelakkan proses yang terlalu tinggi untuk slaid kargo.


1,the actual truck / carrying capacity is a comprehensive factory obtained from the forklift.

2,this is a matching increase in group 1 required additional forklifts require asphalt.

Butiran Cepat

Tempat asal: Fujian, China (tanah besar)
Jenama: HUAMAI
Model Number: WD30J-A1
Product Name: Load Stabilizers
Type: WD30J-A1
Installation Grade: II
Adaptation Forklift: 1-2.5 t
StrokeB: 960-1970 mm
Level Focus: 240 mm
Omission From ET: 124 mm
Weight: 190 kg
Pressing Force Plate: 100-160 bar

It’s been said that the single-double forklift attachment may have been the greatest thing to happen to material handling productivity in the last thirty years. The single-double allows a standard forklift to carry two pallets at a time instead of one.

we sell Cascade’s single-double pallet handler which can hydraulically lift, carry and side-shift multiple pallets side by side. Moving double the loads means fewer trips and greater productivity, and side-shifting allows faster, more accurate loading of trucks and containers.

Standard features include:

Dual class II and III mountings, easily field converted
Bolt-on interchangeable forks can be rotated for increased life and easy servicing
Arm bars give drivers a clear view of the fork tops
Adjustable fork stop blocks to fit different pallet sizes
Easy-to-service hydraulic cylinders

- Various load backrest configuration heights
- Load stabilizers and hold downs
- Various fork lengths and sections
- Various fork set spreads and opening ranges
- Quick-disconnect lower hooks
- Drop shank forks (forks are lowered relative to the attachment frame)
- Independent fork set control–allows moving left or right fork set independent of the opposite fork set
- Non-side-shifting models

IMPORTANT: adding a forklift attachment impacts the net capacity of your lift. Always buy from a reputable dealer and an experienced product rep.

- When buying a new forklift, mention any attachments you plan to add during the quoting phase.
- Customers who want a single-double with side-shifting capacity need to have a forklift with 4-hydraulic function and a higher capacity truck.
- Customers who will only use a single-double seasonally, or would like the option to easily swap the single-double for a different attachment such as a normal side-shift carriage, should buy a forklift with quick disconnects at the hydraulic hosing termination. This reduces attachment changeover time considerably.

View our inventory of single-double forklift attachments for sale. We also have a variety of forklift attachments, including single-doubles, available for rent. We also rent paper roll clamps, carton clamps, and fork rotators.

For questions, contact us online, or by phone. We look forward to earning your business.