Lampiran Forklift, Lampiran Push, Tekan Forklift / Pull

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Lampiran Forklift, Lampiran Push, Tekan Forklift / Pull

Forklift Bag Pushes

1, hydraulic system:
the introduction of cylinder with piston-cylinder form, simple structure, easy processing, maintenance;
NOK seals used in all products, reliable quality.

2, structural parts:
the introduction of high strength plate arm, roller is imported by German tank material, sufficient to meet the requirements;
under the hook can be adjusted to facilitate the assembly and reliable quality.

3, mechanical properties:
the rational arrangement of tanks and aircraft body, fuel tank structural steel joints using three links,
can be effective anti-corruption resistant, safe and reliable performance.


Model Load capacity & load center([email protected]) Forklift Adapter


Baffle height x widthAxB
Launch tour
Berat (kg) Omission fromET
Effective length of fork
H10C-A3[email protected]1.5-2.5t1500x1400410480255400
H20C-B1[email protected]3-3.5t1800x1500900605255910
H20C-B2[email protected]3-3.5t1600x1200900590255910
H25C-B1[email protected]3-4.5t1890x160011006602551200
H10C-A6[email protected]1-2.5t1210x1040860360180850
H20C-B6 [email protected]3-4.5t1550x1400 1400 622 255 1400
H20C-B5 [email protected] 3-4.5t1800x1400 1200618 255 1400
H25C-B3 [email protected] 3-4.5t1890x1600 1100 616 255 1100

Butiran Cepat

Keadaan: Baru
Tempat asal: Xiamen, China (tanah besar)
Jenama: HUAMAI
Model Number: H20C-B1
Jenis: Lori Pallet Berkayak
Power Souce: Enjin Diesel
Persijilan: CE
Perkhidmatan selepas jualan yang disediakan: Sokongan pihak ketiga luar negara yang ada
Color: Customize
Logo: HUAMAI or Customize